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Welcome to this user guide for Public Web Browser!
Tutorial by Carlo Smits. Made on 20-2-2011

1.1 - Installing Public Web Browser
Installing our application is very simple, go to the homepage and click the big green Download button on the right side of your screen!
Then you click Open to open the installer, Click Install and your good to go!

1.2 - Opening Public Web Browser
Finding our application shouldnt be so hard to do!
Just click start and search for PWB.exe as its the name for our application

1.3 - Use of Public Web Browser - Easy
When you opened Public Web Browser you will see a screen that opens our web browser
You can browse by filling in a website where stands "URL Bar" and click the Browse button
There are a couple of more things you can do like Back which will make the webpage go a page back or Forward (going a page forward), Refresh, And Stop

1.4 - The Menu up on the top of the screen
The 1.4 paragraph will teach you how to use the top menubar on the top of the screen

1.4a - File
This is the File bar, when you click on it you can lock your browser(we will teach you later on this topic) and exit the application

1.4b - Bookmarks
In this bar you will find the bookmarks the creator of the application found useful sites to use!

1.4c - Information
In the Information bar you will only find the credits

1.5 - To come back on the Lock Browser
Lock Browser is a handy tool that is build in in Public Web Browser, when you click it, you will see a screen where you can enter a password.
When you entered the password and clicked "Set Password" your browser wont be unlocked and the page you was wont be shown until the password is entered again!

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